Non-Inverting LM3875 Stereo Kit


Same kit sold originally by Chipamp.com

3000uF per channel

Rectified Power Supply

-optional Zobel Networks

-optional Snubber Supply Setup

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Product Description

LM3875 Build Instructions

LM3875 Stereo Kit Contents
1 LM3875PCB set, consisting of 2 amplifier and 1 power supply boards.
Components for amplifier boards
2 LM3875TF
4 22k ohm 0.5w compact metal film resistors
2 1k ohm 0.5w compact metal film resistors
2 680 ohm 0.5w compact metal film resistors
2 2.7 ohm 2w metal film resistors(optional Zobel network)
4 1500 uF 50v Panasonic FC capacitors
2 0.1 uF film capacitors(optional Zobel network)
Components for power supply board
8 MUR860 On Semiconductor Diodes
1 10k ohm 0.5w compact metal film resistor
2 1 ohm 2w metal film resistors
2 2.2k ohm 2w metal film resistors
2  47 uF Panasonic FC Capacitors
 1  blue LED

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Stereo, Dual Mono


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    This page dates back to the beginning when the Gaincard was literally a black box. The non-inverting circuit shown here is, for better and for worse, the most faithful rendition of the original Gaincard possible given what was then publicly known about it.

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