RK27 PCBs Back in Stock! 1/2 off PCBs for December?

RK27 PCBs Back in Stock! 1/2 off PCBs for December?

The PCBs finally came in and look great. All orders outstanding should now be on the way. Also, I’ve decided to offer PCBs on the site for 1/2 price for the month of December! Good Luck with your projects!

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RK27 PCBs Out of Stock!

Wow, y’all are buying up the RK27 + PCB combo faster than I can stock it. The new run of PCBs should be here in about 7 days. I will continue to honor orders for these, and will likely send your order minus the RK27 + PCB until it gets here. For any questions regarding […]

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Welcome Back, LM3875 kit!

The LM3875 kit is back up for sale. The manual is still being updated, and will continue to be updated! Right now the Stereo version of the kit is available. Dual mono will be added next, as well as options for ordering individual channels and rectified power supplies.  

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Hey, DIYAudio

                A suggestion was made by a member of the www.diyaudio.com community. A discount! Good suggestion! Kits are now 20% off.  

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Speaker Binding Posts Available

Hello All, Chipamp.com now sells a pair of high quality binding posts for your project. They will be on sale for the first 100 pair sold. Expect the LM3875 kit to be launched soon!

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Neutrik RCA Connectors Added

Rean / Neutrik AG has released some Phono/RCA connectors that are quite affordable for the quality. If you are on a budget, these would be perfect for your gainclone project. Three colors available: Red, Black, and White.

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What’s up?

First, check out this 3-channel buffer amp Darcy made! It uses the chipamp.com LM3886 amp boards! Feel free to send pictures of your amp and we’ll show them off for you.               Also, a few extra parts have been added. More to come! Finally, some of the kits and […]

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20% off all kits!

It’s been a little while, so it’s time for another special! 20% off ALL KITS.  Woohoo! This will last until July 1st.  

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